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toxique_waste's Journal

assassin's creed, bandou, beauty and the beast, bianca the sorceress, bloom and thunder-karlsson, bobby zimmeruski, boyd scullarzo, capital punishment, crash bandicoot, cyborg franky, cyborg oo9, dolcetto (fma), ed edd n eddy, eddy's brother, elfen lied, flip the clown, flying frogs pizza, freddy krueger, fullmetal alchemist, ginga densetsu weed, ginga nagareboshi gin, greed (fma), hey arnold!, hoss delgado, jeremy wade delle, jet link, joe jack, johnny napalm (gh3), kent mansley, leafie, leo kasper, little nemo, lost, mad dog, michael emerson, oddball (thrill kill), once upon a forest, once-ler, other father, pippi longstocking, ralph wolf, rollo the clown, rumpelstiltskin (shrek), stephen king, team fortress 2, the crime brothers, the iron giant, the orange box, the smoke monster, the stabbington brothers, the watchman comics, wile e coyote, wolfgang (hey arnold!), x drake, yakko, zambai